…and I am Happy…

Geez, I don’t know if I can tell you guys how great this new job is. Things are going great here for me. I just had an interview with for a position and I found myself relaxed and un-worried about the outcome. Yeah the position pays a little more money, but I am not sure if I would enjoy it as much as this one. I really can’t seem to find a lot that depresses my about this place. I get to work on a myriad of machines, servers, desktops, networks, linux, windows. It all fits into a very ME kinda place. Perhaps a little too much desktop support mixed in, but I am not sure if that isn’t leftover “grrr” from . Lets just say the more I work here the bigger a joke becomes in my life.

Today why ordered $515 PDAs for ourselves, something that AFNI wouldn’t even ever dream of doing for me, and I have already helped out with several ideas and fixes for situations that are making things run much smoother.

The was nice here tonight and I found myself riding home with windows down and sunroof open, singing Pink Floyd’s “Shine on” at the top of my lungs. It was great!!! Today walking out of that interview and feeling free for the first time in a while was a great thing.

Also I need some help, there has been a song haunting me and I would like you guys to tell me what it is if you can. It has the line that is the title of this in it as the tag and it talks about looking out at the ocean and seeing a thousand blue sparkles, feeling the sand in his toes and being happy, it then says something like, “I wish you where here, miss you when you are gone” or something, he then talks about laying on the beach and looking at the stars and some other stuff, then his the refrain again, “I wish you where here, miss you when you are gone”. Sorry if I am not being helpful. It is a fairly newish song, but I have no idea who it is by and thus I cannot find it.

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