Aunt Jo

About a week ago found out that my Aunt Jo had passed away I realized that it had been quite sometime since I had seen her and I then realized that most of the people who had read my page had no idea who she was. I spent the last week trying to figure out how best to describe her to you but I have really not found a decent way to do that. Most of my life has been spent without her around me, but ,I remember her quite fondly it seems. I remember her coming to my grandma’s when I was little and she always seemed so nice. Also that is another thing I should mention I guess She is actually my ’s aunt, mot mine, So she would be my great aunt. Like I said I have few memories of her and that is because she lived in Texas for as long as I can remember. One time that I remember she came in and spent some time with us.

After that I know that she sent money. me for some occasion. My parents used that money to buy an electric train engine for the train-set that we had. From then on that engine was titled “Aunt Jo”. Which brings me to another point, I have no ideas why we called her “Jo”. Her name was Jewel. I guess that is just one of those odd things.

Not sure what I wanted to write here, but I guess sometimes it is just good to let it flow out.

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