Frying my brain with radiowaves

Yep that is probably what I am doing right now. I picked up a wireless NIC for Gears. Redhat didn’t understand it by default, but one google search and three rpms later I am rolling with the wireless. It is pretty cool to sit in the living room watching Star Trek III, the Search for Spock, while typing on Diablo in my room. X11 forwarding is tres cool as well. Gears lumbers under the weight of Writer a little, but sending Diablo’s screen output here across the wireless works out nicely. For some reason I keep wanting to call the damn thing a wavebird. Don’t know why that is. It is actually a Linksys 802.11a wireless NIC. Should be able to use it at work in some places as well. Might help us test some links and stuff in a perfect world. 🙂

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