Interesting Issue

Today I received an email from my previous boss, Shane. He stated that he would like me to remove his full name from my news posts. An interesting request, but after doing a google search I understood why. A search for his name in google returns my site as the first hit, specifically this post. Interestingly, not in that post, but in ones that are relatively close to it I talk about how he is a pretty cool guy. So any potential employers or anything that were doing a search for his name wouldn’t see any problems that I was having with either him or afni until several posts later.

Here is the crux of the matter though. Not even really pertaining to this. If your name is posted on the web are you allowed to request that it be removed? A search for my name returns all kinds of hits some of them my site some of them not. Some of them me some of them not. I have never had the idea to ask anyone to remove my name, I guess because it has never been in any kind of bad connotation (other than the random flame war, which google seems to no longer cache). What does the crew think?

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