(This is dug up from something I wrote a while ago)

Perhaps one of the stupidest things to rant on, but hey it is my page if you don’t like my crazy rants start you own page, gain a small, but loyal (BTW thanks to all that read this) following, and then you can rant about what YOU want. 🙂

Anyway, back to what I was talking about, before I was so rudely interrupted, I go to get a hair cut today and it rings up to $10.95. I hand the lady a twenty dollar bill and she hands me back a five and four dollar bills, thats it. Change totaling nine dollars. Now granted I was going to tell her to keep the nickel, so I would have gotten the same change, BUT shouldn’t I have the option to give the extra nickel? Yeah Yeah I know it is only a nickel, but would it be cool if you went out to lunch ran up a $22 tab hand the waitress $25 and she doesn’t bring you back any change. Sure you were probably going to say, “Keep the change.” or something similar, but shouldn’t you get the chance to give her the money, instead of them just assuming that you were going to?

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