Podcasting, or… Idiots with Microphones

Something that has been happening lately that I haven’t really messed with much has been the phenomenon of Podcasting. I just haven’t really invested that much time in it. So then today’s randomness happens.

/. Has a story about nerdcore hiphop. Now I have already be digging on the scene with MC Frontalot, but some of the other people that are mentioned in the article I hadn’t really listened to. So I travel to the wikipedia link for Nerdcore Hip Hop and link travel to all the artists mentioned there. is pretty sweet, and YTCracker is decent as well. I decided to get all of MC Plus+’s tracks that he had for download and accidentally got a podcast that he had been interviewed on. So while I was listening to it I traveled over to the orign of the podcast at Daily Sonic. I grabbed the newest one and listened to it last night while I was mowing the yard.

This stuff is great. Take NPR and mix it with my generation, add in some idiot humor and you have Daily Sonic. Monday’s cast, talking about the Chipmunk abuse of the late 50’s is worth the price of admission by itself. So now I have a copy of ipodder running and downloading the casts. I think I may try to markup the audio for Coach Powell’s site so that it is available as podcasts. Not that anyone would use it, but it seems like a worthwhile endeavor.

It also made me dig up an old script that I wrote back in the AFNI called AMEN. I don’t even remember how far I got in it, but I think I am going to dig it back up and monkey with it a little.

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