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We have been really busy at work lately and I have been putting in a lot of hours. I wouldn’t mind so much except for our working policy only has a place to list extra hours worked over the weekends. So if you prefer to just work 12 hours in a day rather than come in on a sat, you are out of luck. what does everybody think I should do about this situation?

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  1. noneofus says:

    Well, is it a policy or a form?
    If a form, that could be changed fairly easy with approval from the Dr.
    If it is a policy, then you will also need to ask the Dr.
    If a policy change is needed, there are a several ways to approach this change.
    One would be to simply ask if you could keep track of the extra hours you work during the week and turn them in as weekend hours. This could cause disputes about the amount of hours you actually worked though.
    Another would be to ask for a policy change, where it would be acceptable to work and be paid for weekday overtime. This would be my suggestion.
    You could also just go home when you no longer are being paid. Once the work isn’t being finished, the Dr. will need to make a decision on how to handle the problem. This would be the least recommended choice, but if the Dr. is not flexible, then this might be your only option, unless you are willing to work without being paid for your time.

  2. maxx says:

    I’d turn in the weekday extra hours as weekend hours. You’re putting in the same amount of time, so morally there isn’t an issue. If someone challenges it, then I’d go the route of saying “here’s the deal- either let me turn in extra weekday hours as weekend hours, or I’m not staying later than 5PM on weekdays.”
    Use ‘religious obligations’ as a reason for being unable to work on weekends. Legally, all employers are -required- to recognize those (without asking exactly what the obligations in question might be) and most are extremely reluctant to get into it as it can lead to horribly negative publicity and lawsuits. And you can’t get canned for it either.
    Love religious obligations. Whomever thought of that one is a genius.

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