Gallery Enabled Picture Frame

I took a little time today and setup my Digital picture frame to pull pictures off of my every night and add them to the loop of images that it is showing.

It took a little bit of script foo to get done. Especially since my is hosted off of maxx’s servers and I didn’t want to have to ask them to setup an rsync server for me. I also didn’t want to open a tunnel through my gateway box to my picture frame so that it would be able to run an rsync server, since for the most part I don’t keep it updated or anything. So instead I did something of a “cut off man” kinda thing. I opened a rsync server share on my gateway machine and set it to only be accessable from the IP address. I then setup a cron job to remote into the zweix servers and run an rsync to my home machine. Then once that is done the picture frame will also pull an rsync from the gateway server.

It then runs a conversion on the pictures so that they fit to the frame. It is pretty cool stuff. If anyone cares I’ll post the script to do it and the rsync setup.

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