Hill of Mencia

, some of her friends and I went to see Carlos Mencia at last night.  It was a great time and I think that he is probably the best comedy show that I have seen so far.

Ron White, Lewis Black and Ralphie May were all great shows and I had a good time, but Carlos was the first comedian that made me think he felt privileged to be there.  Him and his opener Josh both talked about things at WKU and BG throughout their acts.  It made you feel like he actually took some time to learn about the place that he was coming to.

Of course he talked a lot about different races and stereotypes and how they can be correct and wrong.  How Political Correctness is killing this country and tons of other stuff.  It was very funny AND very thought provoking, which is always a sign of a good comedian.

At the end he had them turn up the lights and he spent some time just taking questions from the audience and answering them.  For most of this part he was actually being more like his actual self and less like his “character”.

The show lasted about two and a half hours, so it was pretty long.

Definitely a good show.  If you get the chance to see him, I would highly recommend it.

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