I feel like I am taking crazy pills

Why can’t I find a ? Why can’t I find a laptop style trackball? Doesn’t a laptop situation seem like a perfect place for a trackball?

Lets see device that is normally used on a lap. Not a lot of flat room to move things around on. Hmmm… I know lets not make a device that requires no surface to move around on, instead lets make smaller and smaller versions of the device that does. That should really help things out.

Sometimes companies are so freaking dumb it is insane.

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  1. Michael says:

    I agree. I travel a lot – where’s the flat surface I can use the mouse on in seat 24F of a 757?

    And don’t suggest the tray table – that’s barely big enough to hold my “ultra-portable” laptop.

    The product that I think would be huge that nobody’s making is a hardtop, hybrid convertible. I love convertibles, and so does every other red-blooded American male in our age demo. But I live in a place that has crappy weather 8 months a year and $3/gallon gas. A hardtop hybrid convertible would solve both problems.

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