Just one example of where people’s tithes go

and no this is not one bad person making a bad name for all the other good faith healers. This is what it is all about.

Also if you have the time you might want to help pray for lower gas prices. Too bad they drove 110 miles to perform the prayer. Wasting gas to waste time praying for lower gas prices. Wouldn’t this time be better used praying for people missing limbs and hoping god will restore them?

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4 Responses to Just one example of where people’s tithes go

  1. maxx says:

    Hey man, has it become your life’s mission to take on (and debunk) the religious theme wherever you find it?! 😉

    I applaud your work, really I do. Some day I’m going to see you on that program, credited as “Religious Watchdog Brent Norris says…”

  2. Brent says:

    Nah, Actually I just long for these bloodsuckers to stop taking people’s money and for people to wake up and realize that these are just parlor tricks that these people use to get their money.

    Even if you believe in a god, it is hard to see how this man is doing its work and still spending all this money. It is the same for all churches in my opinion. How can a place like Fort God justify the massive expense of its buldings when all its money comes from donations. Shouldn’t they have left the money to the people and built a much more humble building?

  3. jim good says:

    Unfortunately there are some bad dishonest preachers, bad dishonest politicians , bad dishonest teachers, bad dishonest businessmen, bad dishonest mechanics, bad dishonest people ! Maybe we should crawl in a hole and never come out for fear of dishonest people !

    or maybe , we should have faith in God and humanity and trust that most people are good and honest, all we have to do is search a little and we will find them . and God !

  4. Brent says:

    I think that is half right. For the most part your statement about humanity and trusting most people to be good and honest is correct. I just disagree that God has anything to do with it or that he/she is out there to be found.

    Look at the history of the world, no one has actually found a god. There are people that say, “I found God.” but that doesn’t mean anything, especially if they were to try to present some evidence of the existance of a god. No one has any actual proof in any god, be it Zesus, Apollo, Hera, Hermes, Jesus, “God”, Satan, Ra, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Pink Unicorn or any other one.

    Therefore gods either don’t want to be found, which if you believe in the their power, means you cannot ever find them, or they aren’t there to find. Either way looking for them seems to be counter-productive.

    Remember you are 99% an atheist. There are thousands of gods out there that you don’t believe in. There just happens to be one specific case where you disagree with what a complete atheist says. That one case happens to be the Christian God, but if you leave that one out, then you already agree with them on all the others.

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