Presidential Debate Drinking Game!!

Everytime Bush Says: al qaeda
Everytime Kerry says something that doesn’t make sense.
Everytime either canidate doesn’t answer a question
Everytime Bush says something that isn’t a real word
Everytime WMDs are mentioned.
Everytime 9/11 is mentioned, but not the the 9/11 comission.
Anytime either Canidate tries to hide a slam against the other.
Everytime Saddam Hussein is said instead of Bin Laden, or vise versa.
If Bush says Strategery Drink everything in the .

For the Vice Presidental Debates:

You just use the previous rules, but you only take half drinks of course, because it is only half as important.
Very Happy

For the domestic section of the debates:

Everytime Bush/Chaney blames Clinton
Everytime Kerry/Edwards mentions Big Business/Corporate
Everytime either canidate mentions tax breaks
Double drinks for any mention of , Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden since these have little to do with domestic policy
Anytime either canidate speaks directly to the other.
Anytime the rules stated at the beginning of the debate (you might want to write them down) are violated or changed.
Drink at the use of the word bracket
Anytime any canidate answers a previous question in their answer to a new question.

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