I met up with Brock and Cheyenne a couple weeks ago. It was good to talk with them about stuff, not just , but other stuff as well.

They were in the middle of rolling out a new image to the call center and it sounded like that was going really well for them. Cheyenne mentioned that the techs had gotten desks finally and that Mark had left AFNI to work for Batteriesplus as a webmanager or something. Hope that is going well for him.

Brock also mentioned that Shane had put in his two weeks notice and was moving on to somewhere else. I forget were it was that he said… seems like it was a hospital or something, but I think that was the type of job he had before so I may be imposing that information in there.

Brock said that most of the people in Bloomington (IL) were still there as far as Telephony and Helpdesk and such.

I also ran into someone else that had left AFNI and she mentioned that the call center director and assistant director had both left the BG call center.

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