Gospel Singing

As I sit here waiting for this to end, I thought I would dispense some sagely wisdom.

If you aren’t into gospel singing, and you are forced to go to one, what is you should do is…..

Jump off a cliff. Make sure there are rocks at the bottom, because you don’t want to live through it.

Man thank god I have my laptop and a net connection. At least I can get through my email chat with some people.

For those that don’t know, Edmonson County High School has built a new auditorium. It is really nice, but right now they have it waaaaaaaaay under priced and these gospel groups keep renting it, trying to make money. Me being the sucker that I am, I got pulled in to be one of the people responsible for it. I thought it meant that I was going to get to run the cool light systems and play with the sound system, instead I am a janitor who makes sure that doors are locked and that the lights are off.

Smile Oh well at least it is good music…. er… no wait… nevermind.

The other thing that I don’t understand is that they people that keep talking about how great it will be to be with Jesus and how awesome is, in the next breath talk about how happy they are to still be alive and with their church. Isn’t that kinda backwards?

And… for you South Park watchers…. No Faith+1 hasn’t been here yet.

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