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So I am driving home and as usual the radio pisses me off. Dido apparently has some song out that talks about her not giving up on her love for some fool, even though he obviously has some real issues with her. So then I start thinking about all the songs out there where it is someone talking about no matter how long they live they will never stop loving someone even if the other person doesn’t care. Then I starting thinking about the concept of love and then I ask myself this question.


I mean yeah if you just broke up with someone and they didn’t like you anymore it would still be possible to love them, but say after a year of them not talking to you or not ever seeing you, or say spitting on you, don’t you think you might start to not love them anymore? I don’t know maybe my perception of love is something different, but I think to love someone there has to be at least a small level of reciprication. That isn’t something that you just do for an extended amount of time while the other person hates you, unless you have some kind of self-confidence issue. Perhaps Dido needs a dose of self respect or something.

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