Christmas with MY Family!!!

Well is over, time to tell the tales. and I headed over to the for Xmas Eve and exchanged our gifts over there. I really went for the moon with only one expensive gift that I wasn’t sure if she would like. It turned out that I hit it pretty dead on. I got her a portable Mp3 player that has an FM radio built into it as well. She seems to really like it and has spent a lot of time listening to the stuff I put on it.

My parents got her a lot of stuff like clothes and PJs and stuff like that. We got my parents a lot of towels that match the new bathroom and my mom her standard Xmas fair of lotion that she always wants.

We got Stacey a puzzle that she seemed to really like and a thing to work them on that lets you roll them up and store them between working on them. I also picked her up some Oscar the Grouch Slippers that I think you liked.

Pauline headed over to her parents Xmas morning to spend time with them and I stayed over at the farm for the rest of the week. We ended up cutting up some wood with the new chainsaw that got and just chilling being a . Stacey shot some video with my camera, that I am going to have to edit to death, but I hope to get some of that up here soon. Hopefully, I won’t piss off and overrun my storage/bandwidth limits that he has set in his head.

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