Playing Catchup

Yeah so it is a busy time of year and I have been working with less than optimal conditions so excuse me for not posting much. Smile

Well a few peices of bad news to start with.

First DSL is not available at the new . It could be someday, but for right now it isn’t. I am too far from the POP, but they are talking like they are going to upgrade something to get it out in that area someday.

I did get the directtv switched out with the DISHTV dishes that were on the house, so now we have TV to watch. I did that right after the big that we had here, so that was a real treat trying to work with the equipment while it was covered with ice.

I have no network wiring in the new house so right now the xbox has to sit right next to my main computer or you can’t watch movies on it. Hopefully, now that the ice has pretty much melted away, I can get something done with all of that.

Water pressure at the house seems to leave something to be desired. Of course, I kinda got used to the immense pressure that we had at the SG Trailer.

So yeah it snowed a bit here last Thursday. The bad part is that before it did, it rained a bunch and froze. So we had a ton of ice on stuff and it really screwed up our ability to get more stuff moved into the house. With no TV stations and no internet, I really felt kinda cut off from everything that was happening. It was pretty crazy.

By the time rolled around it has broken up just enough that we could leave and head over to the for . They pretty much got nothing over there. was great. I got to spend some time with everyone and just hang out. Not much of anything to do and lots of fun to just play games and chill.

The good times continued when we got home, since and Paayal stayed with us for the next couple of days. I think they had a good time and I know that and I did. It was nice to have some time to hang out and not have an agenda or anything to accomplish. Just time to spend with maxx and her. We played several games of Monopoly Party, Rook, and a couple games of Clue. maxx and I also spent some time playing Burnout 3 and generally yelling at the screen and stuff.

Now it is back to work and install goofy programs that people buy, but don’t take the time to find out how long they take to setup and install.

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