John Mellencamp Greatest Hits

I am not sure when exactly it came out, but I found it last night and now have a copy.

Link on Amazon

It is a good CD. There are some on there that I don’t recognize, but that could just be because I haven’t listened to his later stuff much. One of the things that I always remember out my when I was a kid is that it seemed like music was playing throughout the a lot. If you ask me who it was playing I would probably answer Mellencamp before I thought of anything else. I think he was someone that M&D both liked and that was easy to listen to. The most vivid time I remember had to be so early in my life that there was no way I should remember it.

I remember sitting in what was the train room at the time, the stereo playing, “Hand to Hold on to” and the sun streaming in through the window. It had to be when I was very little since once we had Stacey the train room because her bedroom.

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