Live from Norristock

(Evening one)

Well most everyone that is going to be here was here. Jeremiah hasn’t arrived yet, but he is supposed to sometime today.

It was a great time so far, even though it has actually been pretty chilly here. Since there were fewer people coming, I told Jim it would be cool for him to bring Sabra and Amber with him. So we have gotten to see them some and since Jim likes to have some time to ride on the 4-wheelers by himself, me and Sabra have been partners on that. Which I don’t mind at all. It is nice to have someone to talk to while we are riding, since I have been on these trails at least more than once. Smile

Zuhli and Frank both got here with, what I believe to be, only minimal trouble. Zuhli got here around four and Frank a little closer to seven. We played a couple games of pool and headed out to ride on the four wheelers some. We were doing all this at night with the headlights on, so that provided for some key entertainment value at different points.

We headed back inside after a while and played some ping pong, where the team of Frank and Zuhli had me laughing so hard that I couldn’t even hardly play. After so many games of Ping Pong that Frank couldn’t even care about it anymore, we headed inside and played some Halo. By then it was around 2 am or so and we all called rolled into bed and crashed out.

Now it is a new day with new adventures…..

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