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Yeah this places is sitting pretty much unused isn’t it? The funny thing is that there is stuff going on in my real life, it just seems like there is no point in posting anything about it it.

Don’t know what is going on with it really. has gotten back from his trip to Europe, then he promptly changed his journal setup and now I don’t see how to get back to the previous posts or I would link to it. I won some tickets off of the radio again. Two to Horse Cave Theatre and two to Holiday World. Sadly I have almost no desire to use the ones for Holiday World. Again, no clue why. When I was a kid we went to Amusement Parks and stuff and it was fun.

Work progresses onward. We got the Linux -> Windows terminals rolling and are reaping some kudos from various districts about that. Frank seemed to think it was technology that fortune 500 companies would like to use, but he sells real estate now, so it isn’t like he could show it to one.

I have geeked out with some stuff to setup my Linux machine as an answering machine for the . When it receives a messege it encodes it as a mp3 and emails it to the person the message is for. Unfortunately, almost no one calls me anymore, so very little testing has been done to it.

Grandma and Joe came down last week. Though I only got to see them for about 3 hours, I managed to upgrade Joe’s computer with some more memory, which then seemed to make the modem not work. Of course they didn’t find that out until they got back home,. Only 300 miles away from me being able to fix it. Apparently they have someone up there that is taking a look at it.

I signed up for a gold account at for 3 months. $15. I sent a bunch of emails out to people that I went to school with to see if they would respond. So far I have one reply. Lauren Dixon. We have been having some good conversations, but I am pretty sad that no one else even bothered. Don’t know if you will see Lauren on here or not. If so I’ll let her tell her story.

Fable, eh ok. Nascar 2005, more racing, fun; The interface and reputation aspects, annoying. Once again it is impossible to not piss everyone off. Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, A freaking blast!!! Burnout 3, Great.

I got some new drill bits, got some new shelving, and a new 19 inch Flat panel monitor. I was fairly impressed with the monitor because I only paid $450 for it and the closest price near that I could find was $650 with a $100 mail in rebate.

Word on the street is that Jim has gotten a new job. I didn’t get a whole lot of info off of him though, so I will let him post that as well.

I picked up the new book by Jon Stewart and the Daily Show writers. It is killer funny, but it is in a text book style and that really tweaks with my gourd when I sit down to try and read it.

I don’t know… just stuff I guess. Listening to Van Halen and stuff. Digging on just listening to music some. The DJ has been coming in handy for that, except my signal thrower broke. Belkin POS.

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