NASCAR Thunder 2004

I have had a copy of this for a bit, and I have been meaning to post something about it, but I just kept forgetting. Here it is….

NASCAR Thunder 2004: Some of you might be saying well I already own a NASCAR game why should I get another one. Well EA’s theory on it is that since they have added pack intelligence you should. What does that mean? Well it means that if you hit someone, they get pissed at you and then the next time they get a chance they pay you back for it. Even if it is in another . Doesn’t that sound cool?

Yeah it does until you play the game, then it becomes a real bitch. Here is why. To make someone your friend you have to share the draft with them. A process which requires you to line up behind them and hit the A button to start sharing it. Now all you have to do is stay in line with them and watch them start to like you. The only problems? Well that pretty much means that you can’t pass unless they do (which they rarely do) and your reputation increases with them at about the rate of 2 points per 2 seconds. That sounds like a lot until you realize that everytime you tap them your reputation drops by about 30 points. So what does that mean? Draft behind someone for a minute and then they slow down for a corner and you hit them, and then they hate you. I am sure that pretty much mirrors real life, but it makes it a real bitch. No so much on the super speedways, but on the short tracks it just sucks.

If you wish to see what it is like for me playing then go into work and punch everyone you see in the stomach. Then attempt to get them to do something for you. That is about what it is like. This is mainly due to the fact that on the short tracks I hit everything except the pace car. Well that isn’t exactly true. I don’t really hit the leaders much, since I can’t ever catch up to them.

Honestly, it is a pretty fun game. The career mode allows you to research things to get better cars and hire crew members and all kinds of other stuff. This rival/ally thing is tough though.

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