Digital Picture Frames

I finished up my second digital picture frame. They are both made out of old laptops and use wireless networking to connect to the networks around them. This one is destined for the Board of Education in Edmonson County while the other one resides in my Living Room.

They are really cool stuff and I wish I could make more of them, because they are pretty fun. Unfortunately, I am shy a good source for Pentuim 200 style laptops. That is really about all I need, a P200 with about 48 megs of memory and at least a 2 gig hard drive. Well and obviously a screen that works.

I even had to correct some code and build patches to get everything working right. It was almost like I could program or something. Had to do some rpm spec file editing as well.

If anyone knows of a decent place to pick up laptops of those measurements for around 20 bucks each I would be willing to work something out. Obviously, ones that go faster are cool, but those are the bottom specs for what I want to work with I think.

Oh yeah that also reminds me that I need some pictures of people. Now that I have this frame I need some pictures of all my friends to cycle on it. Don’t worry it isn’t as big of a commitment as you think. You will only be on there for about 5 min at a time. It (like so much else that is digital) changes the way that you think about things. Now it isn’t such a big deal to have a picture that isn’t THAT great since it isn’t like it is on the wall all the time. Only every now and then.

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