Sorry to my hundreds of Fans!!!!

Yeah sorry I haven’t been posting much here. It just seems like I never get a chance to sit down and chronical the stuff that happens on any given day.

I have picked up a new machine for the . I bought it from and I think I got a great deal. I have worked on getting it setup a little, but haven’t gotten as far as I hoped. I htink it will be called Metroplex as it will be the hub that I build for the network at the house.

I spent the weekend at a conference for Technology in Schools. I didn’t really get all that I wanted to done, since I didn’t have any kinda internet access at the hotel. I also planned on reading in the video of Mike’s presentation there, but I forgot the cable for my camera so I didn’t get that done either.

I am looking at starting up a new website with the help of rainbow, hopefully I can get that setup here in a few and rainbow can start working out the design stuff.

I have been working with pushing out packages in the AD here at work. It is working pretty well and I think it could be one of the best ways to setup machines.

I also met with a group of people that are using open source in KY and I think that it could be a pretty cool group of people. I just hope that they continue to converse and meet and I think I will try to make a speech at the next Technology Conference if possible.

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