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Original thread from my old forums

That is right it starts this year. Of course this is the very early stages so I need to keep the membership down.

I am going to post the list of people here, but those of you that aren’t on it, please don’t think that I don’t value you as a friend. I am just planning on starting small and working my way up as I learn what all there is going on and stuff.

The list of people:

Jim Lindzy – Confirmed
Lobo – Confirmed
Todd Schaefer – Negative
Jeremiah Byrd – Firm
Frank Miles – Firm
Zuhli – Confirmed

So that is the list I think. Zuhli is living in now, so I hope to be talking with him soon about it. I might even be seeing him and Frank this weekend so that will help in the planning. Everyone on this list is also going to be getting a mail with a URL to this thread. I need everyone (registered or not) to post what you think you are going to do and once you get the details ironed out post them as well.

Todd and Maxx should be the only people flying in so if you both decide to come in around the same time, please try to work it out so that it is close enough that I don’t have to drive to Nashville twice within like a day or something.

The only other thing I can think of that might be of importance to some of you is that Cumberland County is a dry county, so if you want any kinda beer or whatever then we need to get it while were are in Warren County. There has been mention of getting a couple kegs and just drinking off of them, instead of worrying about cans and stuff. If Jim brings his truck that might be alright, but we then need to decide on what to get. If you guys don’t want to do that let me know.

Plans are to go to the lake some, play some pool, Xbox, ping pong, maybe volleyball. Sit around a fire and just generally hang out. Plan accordingly. And with that I open this thread up for conversation and information.

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