Orca MSI Editor

I had to use a program that Microsoft puts out for free today. It is called and it can be used to edit MSIs at the database level. It is a good tool, but to get it you have to download like 300 megs of junk from MS. It seemed pretty dumb, so I am posting here so that I don’t have to do that anymore.

Download orca.msi

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233 Responses to Orca MSI Editor

  1. Charlie says:


    Thanks dude,

    I was almost numb to get this.


    Haha you guys are so lame….

  2. Aaron says:

    Thank you Brent, this is very much appreciated!

  3. krishna says:

    thanks a million

  4. Amar Nath Samal says:

    Hi Brent, thanks a lot. U have saved a lots of time. It took 5 min to download and install orca on my machine

  5. shaun says:

    Thank you so much mate this was the most painfull search to obtain this msi. Much appreciated

  6. Giana says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you 🙂

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  8. gaurav mehta says:


  9. Muktish says:


    In Kannada, (apathbandhava) real rescuer. It has helped me a lot.

    Muktish KG

  10. Gavin Cornelius says:

    Many Thanks – had a problem unpacking WSUS 3.0 – this tool worked a treat and saved me downloading the 300meg SDK package.

  11. GhosT says:

    Great work dude.
    Saved my pc for junky 400 MB’s.

    Btw, This (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/255905) Can be helpful.

    GhosT 🙂

  12. Dinther says:

    I cracked up lauging when I finally arrived at the microsoft download page where a file larger than a Gig needed to be downloaded just so I could get my hands on orca.msi. Even with broadband. This is just stupid.

    I know, I should have gone to trusty Google first where I found this page is several milliseconds. Thanks dude.

  13. Rahul says:

    Thanks dear,

    This is great thiong u done for us.
    Thank you again.

  14. Thanks – very handy.

  15. Michael says:

    Michael from Odense, Denmark…. says thank you very much:-)

  16. ivan says:

    thanks a lot.. thats so kind of you man..:) tytytytytyty……..!!!1

  17. Pierre says:

    Dude, This is why I love the internet – made me gain simply hours thanks to this!

  18. anonymous says:

    word. As others have said, this has saved me the hassle from downloading a huge sdk from MS for one little file.

    Really appreciate it!

  19. Swaroop says:

    Great Post! Thanks a lot bud! Saved me a lot of time in downlaoding the entire SDK.

    Warm Regards,

  20. ORCA858 says:

    Thanks a lot!!!!!

  21. Lolb_UK says:

    Cheers Brent – Now the BBC iPlayer works on XP64 bit after a mino tweek with ORCA ;-}

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  23. bao says:

    thank you!
    saved me a lot of hassle

  24. carlos says:


  25. David says:

    Thank you much,

    Once again MS makes you jump through hoops just to get something simple accomplished.


  26. Pradeep says:

    Great man,
    many thanks to you i have searched alot for this….:)

  27. Mark says:

    Thank you. Handy Dandy

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  29. Samuel says:

    Thanks much!

  30. Lailson Bandeira says:

    Really thank you guy.

  31. Shihab says:

    Thank u very much & I’ve to say that my GPRS connection is so weak to download large file, so this is very helpful. Thanks again!

  32. Sharad Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot for this valuable help.

  33. eydryan says:

    i love you man, i remember how much i had to search and then wait for one simple program so i could install stuff on my server2003 machine… good stuff man, good stuff

  34. edwin_1 says:

    Thanks for the file!!! needed it and didnt want to have to download the junk to get it.

  35. VInix says:

    Thanks. I need it for change something. 😉

  36. freddyzdead says:

    Thanks buckets, man. You’re an absolute champion.

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  38. Steve Banza says:

    I hope it will work fine.

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  40. Thanks,
    I hope it will work fine.

  41. jessn says:

    I have been using this for a couple of years ago and it is really a useful tool. Thanks for the “quick-download” for this nifty tool.

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  43. tracymeee says:

    thank you, i am looking for it and stucked before in Microsoft jungle website…

  44. Sayed B says:

    Thanks Brent. keep up the good work

  45. Dean says:

    Thanks a ton. I am on dial up and have to fix Guitar Hero III for my system since the developers failed to give the game x64 support.

    you just saved me a bundle of time!

  46. dan says:


    i was just downloading the crap from microsoft … you saved me a lot of time

  47. Dave Scrivener says:

    Needless to say you’ve provided a valuable public service. Some recognition should probably be given to Microsoft for making the editor freely available. However, they pretty much negate the good karma by requiring such a ridiculously large download.
    Again just a reinforcement of all the other thanks.

  48. tim says:

    thanks you are the man!!!!

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  50. roach says:

    thanks man.

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