Whisper during the Republican debate tonight

Did anyone else hear someone prompt during the last segment? He was being ask if he would do for Social Security what Ronald Regan did in the 80’s. You can clearly hear someone off camera “Raise Taxes” and then after that Romney says, “Well I am not going to raise taxes.” His whole answer is about Raising Taxes after that and he doesn’t really reference anything specific to Regan or what he did. I would say it was obvious that he didn’t know what Regan had done and someone prompted him.

WTF was that all about? Does anyone know who it was that said that and how often does it happen that the mics don’t happen to pick it up.


Apparently the line that is coming out now, is that it was Brian Williams prompting Russert with the rest of the question. I can see how that might be it, but I stand with what I wrote above in the impression that it gave, even if it may have been something else.

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  1. Chuck says:

    I heard that – in fact I rewinded the dvr twice and was saying WTF.

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