Paris Hilton’s Phone Hacked

You make the call on if it is some kinda publicity stunt or if it is real.

Paris’s Hitlon’s Sidekick (remember all her stupid commericals?) has been hacked and all the personal information that they has copied out of it. It includes several pictures of her, some of them nudes as well as several personal notes and several phone numbers for various celebs. From all accounts the numbers that are out on the net now ARE the personal numbers that (until everyone started calling them) would actually get you through to the celebs.

It seems that the main site for information is This site seems a little raw though. NWSL. Here is a decent mirror
Also not work safe

There is some conversation about the situation on

Personally, I think that most likely it is the real deal, because on several accounts some of the celebs involved are pretty ticked off. I don’t know if she could take the heat, because she is such a whore for celeb popularity. Of course another thing to look at is, Gawd… who takes this many pictures of themselves? Does she have a group of people that she pays to carry her ego around for her? or do you think whatever demon she sold her soul to moves it around as part of their deal?

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  1. maxx says:

    The thing about her is… she’s popular for -being- popular. Which is really pretty lame.

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