Got a couple of things to talk about today. One is the fact that my Aunt Rose is doing somewhat better. I am not sure if it is a recovery, but she is still with us. The second thing is that I found out that Todd is having a kid. It is due sometime around May of next year. While I am happy for him that also started a line of thought on my end that I was not expecting. For some reason I had always unconsciously thought that whatever kids we had would grow up together just like we did. I am not sure why I thought that. I guess it was the unconscious me thinking that no matter what Todd and I would end up living near each other. I now realize that isn’t going to happen much since he is having a kid now, lives no where near me, isn’t going to be able to for about 6 years, I have not started a (i.e. gotten ) and I am not sure that I will be in a position to do so for a bit. Also here is something else that it started. I don’t want my kids to grow up in Ratville or wherever the I might end up living around here. I liked the way I grew up. Surrounded by houses with other kids and friends. A place where you weren’t afraid to play in the street because it was not located on a Highway or anything. I don’t want my kids to have to worry about traffic and have to ride for 10 minutes to get to the nearest kids . I am sure there are places like that in Kentucky, but I don’t think that they are in Buerksville or anything. So now I have another goal in my life.

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