Computer Liquidators

This is the company that I bought Mirage from. Just got word from Ebay that they have been removed from the site and are currently being prosecuted for taking people’s money and not given them the merchandise. Mostly on laptops.

Ouch…. Interestingly, I did my research on this one, at least as best I thought I could. They had over 500 positive feedbacks. Only 3 negative at the time. One of the negatives was that Toshiba said they were a . Searching Toshiba’s site revealed nothing. Reading back through the comments revealed that he has disgruntled over his deal. So I bought my laptop and luckly I got my laptop. Sounds like about right after that they went sour. I got kinda a bad vibe from them while I was waiting for Mirage, and I decided I didn’t really want to do business with them anymore. Perhaps this is what I was feeling? I guess there is even a internet group started to fight against them. Don’t know what to say other than…. WOW.

Guess I kinda dodged a bullet on that one. Kinda reminds me of Police 911….. mmmmm…yum……. oh sorry…. meant to end this post….**click**

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