You Speak of the test that will bring balance to the force?

Does a pretty good thing, counterbalance a largely thing?

That is right folks I got tired of the lightning sparks coming out of the finger tips. (Well you know, it kept shorting out my laptop, and it is a real bitch when you are trying to go to the bathroom), so I took the LPI level one test today……and I PASSED!!!

I didn’t get quite the score that I thought I would, but I did pass. I am consoling myself with the fact that these questions were sort of rough. I have never said that I am a classically trained Linux Admin. I would have to say I am more of a learn-by-the-seat-of-your-pants admin, so there were questions about commands that I have never heard of and really haven’t had an opportunity to use.

In the end though it has gotten rid of the sparks, though I am upset that I will now have to use the charger for gears instead or just charging the battery with evil. 🙂

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