Happy Birthday 4 Me

So this monday was a pretty good if I must say so myself. Woke up in the morning and found a couple pairs of jeans and a shirt left on my bed by the bunny. Headed to work, but there wasn’t much going on. Got some singing and stuff from some of my co-workers. My Grandparents also rang in with cards and phone calls, so it was nice to hear from them as well. When I got home Stacey gave me a bag full of candy with what I must say was a great card on it:

To: Dork

From: The Bestest Sister Ever

Happy Birthday.

Slightly paraphrased as I don’t have the card right in front of me. Next my (including ) and I headed to Glasgow and ate at the Tumbleweed there. The food was great and it was nice to get to spend some time with everyone. Pauline also brought the first mock-up of my custom laptop bag that she is making me. I didn’t want gears to feel left out since diablo had his own carrying bag. 🙂

While I did get called in that night to fix something, the next day continued to seem somewhat like my birthday as I had taken the morning off from AFNI and got another present while I was enjoying the time off. By the end of the day though I was pretty tired, but I went to WEMS and worked on that lab setup there some more. It is shaping up some, but I am starting to run into problems that server horsepower and clever little tricks on my part are struggling to solve. Hopefully it will all work out though when I get the second server and get it setup.

Today I picked up the other of Pauline’s gift, which is more than likely to make all my other machines quite jealous of diablo. She ordered my a Li-Lan all aluminum case from Think-Geek. It comes pre-modded with a window in the side, blow hole on top and it is a sleek black finish. With the addition of the Tux Windows etching that I purchased for it and the red light strips it is going to be a really nice looking machine. Brock mentioned some stuff to allow me to dual the etching or even to add things to it. Now I am thinking that I might try for some horns and a tail to go on Tux …..hmmmm. The site he pointed me to is located at metku.net. Check out his stuff, it will make you want to buy a dremel and box of led lights.

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