Public Accountability

Recently, I have found out that some of the higher ups in AFNI read my site. I know that at least my boss’s boss and his boss (meaning my boss’s boss’s boss) have looked at it. They told me that they had viewed it in a meeting that I had with them a few days ago. They said that is was understandable to want to “vent” and that I was entitled to my opinion about things here at AFNI. They were just wanting to try and find the best way to make me feel better about working at AFNI.

So that brought some thoughts up in my mind. Previously I knew that there were other people at AFNI that read my site, but I just assumed that it was some other people that I know. Now I know that it is them. So this poses the question that has caused me to classify this as an Ask the Crew kinda thing.

Since I have started working this site and posting what is going on, there are more and more people that have a better insight into how I feel about things. Imagine going into a meeting with the people I have mentioned before and having them know everything you dislike about the position and almost every time you have gotten pissed at the company. That is a up hill kinda situation to say the least. If you had such a forum, would you post everything that happens in your life no matter who it might piss off? I mean I can (and will) keep posting the things that I think AFNI is doing wrong, but now I know that there is a pretty good possibility that higher up people are going to read it. If I were to get pissed at and posting in here that I was, chances are that he would know anyway, but if I were to decide that he was a fucknut and post that in here, chances are that I wouldn’t say that to his face. As soon as he loads up this site though it would be in here in plain text.

Do you think that you could write what you feel and to with the other people, or would you find yourself curbing what you write so that you might leave things out of your journal (an as such lessening its value) so that you wouldn’t make anyone mad. Is there a third possibility that you would instead curb your life such that there would be less controversial things to write about in the journal?

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