Political Correctness

In a world that is increasingly more and more determined to be politically correct, I find myself more and more determined to not care to be politically correct. So often now you cannot say things like short, black, white, fat, gay, chick, and stupid. Instead you have to say things like vertically challenged, african american, caucasian, obese, homosexual, female, intellectually challenged. Well I think this is intellectually challenged. The world is not a sterile place and I don’t think people should be forced to use a sterile langauge. Words have meanings because they invoke certain feelings in people. By removing these words it only nullifies the effect of langauge. There are some words that have a such a strong feeling behind them that perhaps they should be avoided because of the feeling that they produce, words like “nigger” would fall in this category, but I also think that there should be a unilateral removing of this or not at all. Black people talk about racism and the effects of the word “nigger” when used on them by a white person, but then they go and use the word on each other and it is not a bad thing. This is racism. It is from black to whites, but it is racism none the less. It is difficult to defuse a word once it has a conotation, but for one group to use it and force others to not will never remove the feelings it will only set one side against the other over those feelings.

Anyway that is not what I started this about. What I did start it about was to show a couple sites that I have found that take political correctness, kick it in the ass and then boot it out the door.

The first one I have mentioned here before. It is called X-Entertainment. The main writer here is named Matt and he does a good job of keeping his site light and funny while still writing in a style that follows speech and thoughts more than Political Correctness and planning. This is a style that I enjoy.

The other site is Jiggin.net. This guy also uses a SLASH based system to post his stuff and does a great job of throwing up stricly “man” sytle content. It would be difficult to find anything PC on this site I think. WARNING : This guys doesn’t mess around with down sampling the pics he puts up on his page. Use a fast connection or go get a cup of coffee when you load this page up (he must be hosted by some really nice people).

Worth an honorable mention is Wil Wheaton dot net. You might recognize this guy from his pictures as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek TNG. Don’t worry I am not pointing you to a prude site. Wil is a pretty cool guy not very much like the character that he played on the show.

And of course you can always view mine or maxx’s site if you need some un’PC-ness. can be pretty un’PC when he is not being .

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