Stopping Evolution

If you believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution then, in my opinion, there is some reason to worry about the state of the human . If survival of the fittest is the way the lifeforms evolve then we have effectively stopped evolution by keeping the weakest alive to reproduce. Now I am not for the death of people deemed “unfit” or with traits deemed undesirable, but I want to talk about a theory.

In a non “learned” society where medicine has not been created or practiced then the creatures that do not have the best survival traits die off and the traits that are the best are passed on. In a situation where medicine has been created people that have less desirable traits, such as the ability to catch AIDs, or the ability to catch any number or disease are helped to survive and to procreate. Thus these genes are allowed to get passed on and are never removed from the gene pool. This keeps us from ever getting around such things as the common cold, and genetic defects. On the same token things that might be an evolutionary step forward are considered oddities and sometimes aren’t passed on, because to us they are freaks.

Evolution and its theories are based in the animal world, but we as a race have removed ourselves from the theories that created us. We no longer allow hunter-prey levels to affect us. Instead we move food from other parts of the world to feed the people that have no food. Thus the population of people on the Earth will never stabilize. It will continue to increase until the planet as a whole can no longer provide food, only then will we start to die back or move on to other planets. Hopefully, then there will still be enough stuff left for the planet to restock itself. We have taken a system that was designed for a small biosphere and adapted it a whole planet. Just like we have removed ourselves from the effects of natural selection. It is hard to tell what the overall effects of these changes will be. It could be that the human race has reached its evolutionary end and that something else will rise to surpass us because of it.

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