and I went and saw this tonight. It is a pretty good flick. Marvel is really doing a good job of converting their stuff to film from wood pulp.

Now everyone pretty much knows how big spider-man went over when it came out, but I have heard a little less about Daredevil. Perhaps because his comic was a little less mainstream, perhaps because it was is a little darker comic. I have to admit that part of what made Spider-man go over so big was 9/11. The world needed a hero and Spider-man was what stepped up to do it. Too bad Marvel didn’t have a Captain America movie geared up. They could have probably charged fingers to get in to that and people would have paid, but I digress.

Daredevil is a much darker movie than Spider-man was, but that is ok since all the DD comics I ever remember reading were of a dark nature as well. By dark I don’t mean as in black (though the movie did seem a little hard to see) I mean of an unhappy style. Things don’t always turn out good in this movie and Daredevil isn’t always a great guy. In some instances it reminds me more of the first Batman movie. Not the later ones that were more designed for kids and to be like comics, but the first ones where Keaton was Batman and it was about showing the bad side of the character some too.

The DD proximity sense is done well, but it can be a little hard to follow sometimes. Of course that could partially be due to the crappy-ness of the theater that I saw it at. I am starting to realize more and more that a theater is not a good place to see a movie, at least not the ones here, where all the movies are dark and the movements of the characters are hard to follow because of it. It isn’t until you see it on DVD on a regular television that you can see all the aspects of the movie and all the little things that you missed in the theater. , sometimes the copies you can find on the internet are easier to follow than the ones that you see in the theater.

Anyway this a decent movie to see and I would say worth the money. It might not be as big a hit as Spider-man was to everyone, but I think that they did a good job of transfering the characters and story.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Now on to something a little on topic. I picked up a copy of Freedom Force at Best Buy the other day. You might remember it from this summer when it came out, though it didn’t get that much fanfair then. Now it is $20 at BB and I had a 10% of deal. It is a good game. I would recommend it for some hours of fun. The interface could use some tweaks, but most could in any game. It follows true to comics book style and makes you look forward to the next panel. What I really wish out of it, was that it was made by Marvel. The problem with Freedom Force is that it is made up characters that as a comic book fan I have no connection to. Marvel needs to buy up the company that made this and get them to port the engine and style to their universe. Then hirer a team to make some missions for the game and add in some stuff to help you make you own. That would be tight as hell. Then you have charaters that you know with powers you know and you can build you own stories for them. Hell they could sell expansion packs forever and just rake in the cash. All they gotta do it build it and they have mine. God I hope they read this.

The other thing I hope Marvel will do for me (Stan you writing this all down?): Put your damn comic books online!!!! I would pick up several subscriptions to some of my favorite comics if there was some way that I could either A) read them online or B) (And my real favorite) Download them and read them on my computer or handheld device. That would just be the epitome of “bad-ass”. If anyone reading this in anyway has pull with Marvel, please write me or write in here and lets get this knocked out. I don’t have time to wait all day. πŸ™‚

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