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HPV Vaccine

It shouldn’t be mandated. People should have the right to be as stupid as they want and if they don’t want to get their kid this vaccine, then that is pretty stupid. People get too hung up on the word … Continue reading

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Email to WBKO about Laser Solutions

I have been concerned about the recent advertising on WBKO for Laser Solutions in Bowling Green. I understand that they are a customer of WBKO for commercial time, but I feel that WBKO as a responsibility to not promote poor … Continue reading

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Yet Another psychic failure DJ posted something about this psychic predicting Jon Karr. I was on there arguing that the picture wasn’t even close. You can read my comments there. Of course now it has come out that he didn’t have anything to … Continue reading

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Sylvia Browne F’s up again

Sylvia Browne really screwed up on the coal mine thing a while ago. It was on a radio show. AFTER they came out early and said they were all alive, she said that she knew it all along. That she … Continue reading

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Would you like to save us money and get nothing yourself?

Nationalcity just emailed me to remind me that I can stop getting my paper copy of my statement and check everything online. Discover card says it to me all the time. Alltel (opps Windstream) includes it in everyone of their … Continue reading

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Dell now state’s sole PC supplier

quoted from: Kentucky state government confirmed yesterday it has chosen Dell as its exclusive supplier of desktop and laptop computers.

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Interview with Joy Behar

Found this while I was out surfing around this weekend. You may not care much about Joy Behar, but she does have some interesting thoughts in this interview.

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Just one example of where people’s tithes go

and no this is not one bad person making a bad name for all the other good faith healers. This is what it is all about. Also if you have the time you might want to help pray for lower … Continue reading

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George Lucas says, “Suck it Star Wars Fans”

For those of you that didn’t think George Lucas was just out for your money and doesn’t really give much of a damn about his fans or the Star Wars movies, this little nugget came out to help change your … Continue reading

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We Made it!!

Ah 06/06/2006 came and went. No end of the world or anything. I hope they get all the crazy people back on the TV today and ask them how they could have been so wrong about everything they were talking … Continue reading

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