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Sylvia Browne F’s up again

Sylvia Browne really screwed up on the coal mine thing a while ago. It was on a radio show. AFTER they came out early and said they were all alive, she said that she knew it all along. That she … Continue reading

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Just one example of where people’s tithes go

and no this is not one bad person making a bad name for all the other good faith healers. This is what it is all about. Also if you have the time you might want to help pray for lower … Continue reading

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In local news

A local church fired a pastor because he wasn’t teaching what they thought he should be teaching them. The pastor apparently thought that they were wrong and God wanted him to save them from the wrong path, so he continued … Continue reading

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Equal Time For Creationism

Comments on the stupidity that is Creationism Continue reading

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I refuse to believe that my existance is just a test.

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