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A wonderful childhood

I just thought that I would write down a few thoughts regarding my childhood and what kind of childhood I hope Julie will have. As a child, my sister and I were always going places. Some of my fondest memories … Continue reading

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I’m number 1

The other Brent Norris who is a author and living in Hawaii has apparently changed his website from BrentNorris.com to Brent.fm and has the .com redirecting.  This has removed that site from the Google rankings and thus left me as … Continue reading

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Benny Hinn F’s Up

Click through to see the video that Benny Hinn had removed from YouTube despite the fact that he has no rights to it.

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IP address highlighter

I have a few pages that list IP addresses for systems that are accessible from a webpage.  I don’t have access to change the pages so that the IPs are linked properly so I started looking around for something that … Continue reading

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You think you are relaxed at your job?

This is a picture of the first atomic bomb. In this picture there is a lot going on, but I can’t focus on most of it because all I see is the striped shirted guy lounging around. Just to be … Continue reading

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double wedding ring quilt

Since last october, I have been working on a double wedding ring quilt for a friend whose brother is getting married. Apparently, they have alot of sage green and cream in their living room and the idea is to make … Continue reading

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Pregnancy update

Well, Brent says that everyone keeps asking him how my pregnancy is going so I guess I will write about the experience thus far. So far everything has been going really well. When we first decided to start trying to … Continue reading

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Rodney Carrington Night out

this past sat Brent and I braved the extremely rainy weather to venture out to the large town known as Nashville to see a comedian by the name of Rodney Carrington. He is pretty popular, had his own tv show … Continue reading

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It’s a lady!

Well technically it is a girl, but someday I am sure that she will be a lady. J I sent everyone that I had cell phone numbers for a text message this morning when I found out. We called some … Continue reading

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Update on the 56 Chevy

I haven’t posted too much on it, because my uncle has been working on having a new house built, but lately he has really been working his butt off on the car. When I was up there last I spent … Continue reading

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