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Another Doctor’s visit

We went back today to have some more tests ran and to see if they could find a heartbeat for the baby. The visit started out with them telling us that they had gotten Pauline’s blood work back and that … Continue reading

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Hacking Democracy

Before you go and vote today it might worth your time to watch this show from HBO. It is scary how easy it is for people to screw with these computer machines. It is also scary how in bed these … Continue reading

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I’m number two, I’m number two

On a lark, I did a search for “Adaptec 1420sa” the other day and was surprised when I found that my post on the Adaptec 1420sa is the number two hit right under Adaptec’s own site. That is pretty cool … Continue reading

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Homeopathy is bullshit

The comments in the post about Laser Solutions made me think about the fact that I have never mentioned Homeopathy on here.

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Email to WBKO about Laser Solutions

I have been concerned about the recent advertising on WBKO for Laser Solutions in Bowling Green. I understand that they are a customer of WBKO for commercial time, but I feel that WBKO as a responsibility to not promote poor … Continue reading

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Macromedia Shockwave MST for machine installs

Macromedia has an MSI out for Shockwave installs which is great if you use AD to push applications. The only bad thing is that because of some poor setups on their part it won’t install on a per machine install … Continue reading

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Orca MSI Editor

I had to use a program that Microsoft puts out for free today. It is called orca and it can be used to edit MSIs at the database level. It is a good tool, but to get it you have … Continue reading

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Brent’s Arcade

I wrote a little bit ago about the arcade machine that I was working on. It is pretty much done now. I need to clean the front of it a little and maybe paint a couple spots, but it is … Continue reading

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The Digital Lifestyle

It seems lately that I haven’t been doing a whole lot with the computers that I have at home. Lamar and I were talking about this some and I realized, that unlike when I was in college or right after, … Continue reading

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Hey we got a car

P and I made our first purchase as a married couple. Thought everyone might want to see some pictures It is a Chevy HHR. It is a pretty nice car/truck thing. Mom and dad have one too now, though theirs … Continue reading

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