Project Approved

Well since there is little chance that AFNI is going to ask for my services with Linux anytime soon, I headed out to my Mom’s school a few weeks ago and pitched a LTSP idea to them for one of their labs. After 2 weeks of working to get the terminal hardware configured correctly and running I pitched it last night.

In short the idea flew like a rock wrapped in lead foil. The stuff came up and worked, but because my server was low power and due to some glitches, I had no hope that they would go for it. So great was my suprise when they said that they were going to purchase one server and that I had roughly 1000$ to spend to get another one and any hardware that I want to get it up and running.

WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!. The linux admin rides again. 🙂

Now all I need are 30 100mb ISA network cards. Anyone got those laying around?

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