Kyle Austin Norris Arrives

Our son Kyle Austin Norris arrived Tuesday morning.  He was seven pounds fourteen ounces and twenty one inches long.  Pauline did great again with the whole process and is recovering well.  Julie has given him a lot of kisses and everything is going well.


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More Julie Pictures

For Pauline’s birthday we ended up going to Huber’s Orchard in Moonlight Indiana.  Dad and I took several pictures while we were there and it seems like Julie had a really good time.


We have also had her in her little pool some trying to get her used to the water:


and then this weekend we were just messing around and I put my old cape on her from when I was a kid:


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Hey we got a car 2

P and I purchased a new car yesterday.  We got a Chevy Traverse from Havey Ellis Chevy  in Columbia.  They did a great job of getting the car for us and also for working around a problem with my GM card.  I don’t have any pictures right now, because it was raining all night last night, but I will get some soon.

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Final on the house

I had previously posted on how we were doing on paying off our house.  Well today I went to the bank and paid off the remainder of the loan.  We are done.

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Adventure LVL 5 The Lost Blade


This set of encounters went pretty well with our group.  There were a few hitches, but everyone made it through alive and only one of the group really had any chance of dying.  I have talked to a couple of them and they acted like it was pretty fun.

When I run the encounters I have a sheet that I have printed out that has all the monsters stat blocks on it.  I am not including that because I don’t want to get into any copyright issues with Wizards.

What I do though is pull up the compendum and pull up the monsters I am using, then hit CTRL+A on their stat block and copy it into OpenOffice.  It does the best job of pulling in all the images and everything.  Then I set the font to 8 and that really shrinks it to fit on as few pages as possible.

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DnD 4e

For the last year or so I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition with some people around here. It started out as some of my friends just needing a person to fill in, but became an almost weekly thing. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it from when I played it as a kid. Continue reading

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Easter 2009

Our spring break fell right before Easter this year, and I decided that I would take a few days off this year.  Julie and I hung out Thursday and then Pauline took Friday off as well and we all goofed around the house.  Sunday came and Pauline and I made a bunny cake for Easter.

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Julie pictures from the Ice Storm

We had a pretty bad ice storm here a few weeks ago.  It didn’t really hurt us much in our part of the county, but in the northern part of the county it caused a lot of damage.  It ended up shutting school down for almost two weeks as the county tried to recover from the power outages and trees down.  It did give Pauline and I some time to be at home and just hang out with Julie so we got a few pictures of us outside.

Ice Storm 034Ice Storm 018Ice Storm 019Ice Storm 028Ice Storm 029Ice Storm 047Ice Storm 053

This last picture here is just an example of how much water came down before it really got a chance to start freezing and everything.

Ice Storm 046

It was a weird bit of winter weather.-

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Court Ruling on MMR and Autism

Federal courts ruled today that there is no link between the MMR vaccine and Autism. Something that is easily proven if you look at the science on record for the vaccine and stop listening to people like Jenny McCarthy (even as hot as she is) who is not educated in chemistry enough to know the difference between anti-freeze and preservatives. Continue reading

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Julie’s 2nd Winter

It has been a bit since I posted pictures of Julie so I thought I would link these up here.  Most of these are just random pictures of her.
These two are just her playing with a pair of glasses off of one of Pauline’s bears.
Blankie Cape time
These were taken as we were getting ready to head to the farm.
Our breakfast nook.
This was after we had converted her crib into a “Big Girl Bed”

This one is a picture of her wanting to look at her Grandma’s collectables.  It is funny because her Grandpa always talks about having a similar experience when he was at the farm.

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