A Memoriable Memorial Day

People often look back on their life and think things about how great it was when they were a kid. About how the days were and how they spent so much time having fun and doing things. I can’t say that I have never done that and recently I have become more inclined to do it. I remember times when we have over on holiday’s and we were out in the back yard all day. The sun was shining and everything seemed great. Since then we have moved away from and friends to come here to . So for a while the holidays and weekends seemed to not be as much fun, but recently we have started to develop a new set of family. Not a replacement to the old family, but a new extention to that group. Part of this group are the Lawrences. Brenda Lawrence works with my mom at her school and they have become good friends. Her two daughters have also become good friends with my mom and my sister, because they are there a lot as well. Brenda’s husband and her daughter’s husbands/boyfriends also help a lot at school functions as does everyone in our family. This has given all of us a chance to become pretty good friends. They are really nice people who like to have a good time. This memorial day they came over to the with two four-wheelers and we had a blast. The day was one that fits the memory well. It was sunny, and not too hot. There was a nice breeze as well. We set up a horse shoe pit and played, rode four-wheelers, ate, and just all kinds of stuff. It was a day to remember and a day worth living, though now I am tired, sunburnt and back at work. Bummer 🙂

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