The intelligence hour on Comedy Central

Comedy Central has a great set of shows on at 10:00 here. They lead off with the Daily Show, which tonight had a great segment from the Christian Right. They actual had a clip of some reverend praying for more open seats on the Supreme Court. Last time I checked positions on the Supreme Court were lifetime jobs… so by that logic… I am pretty sure he was praying for someone to die. The information that they had about the Supreme Court nominee was really good too.

They then follow that with “Too Late with Adam Carolla” where in the opening segment he talked about how absurd that it is that there are people bitching about the “Hot Coffee” mod for GTA, but aren’t bitching about the murdering of people in the same game. According to the straights:

Simulated Killing Cops and Hookers == OK;
Simulated Sex with Naked woman, wearing clothes == ;


Watching Fear Factor with people eating worms and magots? OK
Simulated Sex with Virtual Naked Woman, wearing clothes? EVIL!!!!

Adam even mentions that he is an , which I think is impressive since most people won’t say that out loud.

Two shows that might actually make people engage their brains. Of course the sheepites who need to watch something like this are the poeple that will condem them for “Speaking against GOD” or being “Un-American” or something and would never even come close to watching them.

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4 Responses to The intelligence hour on Comedy Central

  1. maxx says:

    Aren’t atheists generally apathetic about religion?
    It’s not a naive question. Personally (and we agree on this) I don’t think that ‘being religious’ is the norm, and someone who isn’t is automatically a dissenter. I look at it more like a ‘other comments’ section in a poll- you can fill it with entries about ‘my religion – xyz’ or you can just leave it blank. If you leave it blank, then it means that you are apathetic about religion, so it didn’t even rate you adding ‘religion – none’.
    For my part, I’m a nominal catholic – I like the (free as in ‘church’) wine, and enjoy the competetive parking battle that rages prior to mass. The choir generally yields some eye candy too, and the music is decent in that ‘I’ll never cut a record for a major label, but you won’t run from here with your ears bleeding either’ way.
    Maybe I’m just too apathetic to be an atheist 🙂 I’d leave the box (in the above poll) blank too because it’d be too much effort to fill it in. But if someone actually asked, I’d say ‘cath-lic’, since it is one syllable shorter than ‘a-the-ist’.

  2. Brent says:

    Well from something I read on, Carolla is something of a active atheist, in that he actively challenges people to question stupid things that “Faith” makes them do.

  3. noneofus says:

    After watching his show…

    IMO – It sucks. The ‘bits’ aren’t that funny. I wish his show was funny, because I like his different view on things, but I just don’t think the show will last.

    Gallagher was the best at looking at things from a different view point.

  4. Brent says:

    Actually I agree. None of “Too Late” is really that funny, but I wasn’t really commenting on the comedy of it. Most of the segments don’t end as much as Adam just stops talking about them.

    His view of things IS what I think is good. Sure Gallagher was the best, but there isn’t a lot coming out of him anymore. I would love for him to embrace the new medium of the internet and start bagging on these fools that are running the country, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Actually as I write this, I see that he does have a podcast. Downloading now to see if there is any worthwhile content in it.

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