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So I am watching a show on the Discovery Channel last night about the Bermuda Triangle and a large part of the commercials that they have on during the breaks are for new shows that are coming up soon. They have some really cool stuff lined up. Then I started thinking about it and realized that the Discovery Channel is pushing for a lot of scientific exploration and I would only assume funding it.

Yeah they aren’t just doing it to be nice guys or anything, they are getting TV shows out of it and who knows what else maybe, but the fact that they are fronting up the cash to let these people test their theories is really pretty cool.

I mean last night this guy set out to find 5 Navy Avengers that might have been the flight that was lost originally in the Triangle and that he had seen like 20 years ago. He has all this tech that he is using to find them and there is no way that he could afford it. He does find 5 Avengers within one mile of each other on the ocean bottom, but they are THE Avengers that everyone talks about. Of course then you have to ask why are 5 Avengers crashed there so close together. Discovery Channel funds that investigation as well. It is really pretty cool.

Another example is their program about recovering Liberty Bell 7 (The Mercury Space capsule that was lost to the see). They fund the search and when the guy loses his underwater robot, they rush production on another one, aptly titled “Discovery”. I forget the cost they stated for creating it, but they did say that the Discovery Channel fronted most of it.

To me that is really pretty cool.

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