Bad Week

Man all kindsa bad things went down last week it seems like.

One of the ducks got killed by an animal at the .

My office got broken into and some stuff taken

and the worst one of all is that ChiChi passed away.

Since the other two really aren’t as bad as the last, I’ll forgo talking about them and just talk about the last one.

ChiChi as most a lot of you know had been our dog for quite some time. As best we can figure over 10 years. Todd was at my the day brought him home and several of you have been around over the various years that we had him. Well as dogs are known to do as they get older he had been getting weaker, but about two weeks ago he started suffering from congestive heart failure. According to the book the book that we have about chihuahua’s this a fairly common problem with them. Well as a result of that he was having trouble breathing and the vet gave him some pills to help get the water off of his heart. After that it was pretty much just a downhill slide. He stopped eating and none of our normal tricks worked to get him started back up. After a couple days he just didn’t really have enough energy to move and I don’t think he really felt good enough to try. So Wednesday of last week he just stopped breathing and that was it.

They buried him in a spot down by the old house at farm and Stacey and mom planted some flowers around it. Mom is taking it pretty hard, but she is doing alright.

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