Dog Sick…. but he is better now.

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Well having successfully made it one week with the new puppy I thought I would be getting close to being in the clear. Wrong-o

I came home Wednesday to find walking out of the with what appeared to be a almost dead dog. would look up at you and open his eyes if you called his name, but that was about the most he could acomplish. It was pretty scary. Especially since the day before he had found a dead mouse that had been killed with mouse poison while we were over at the . So I was kinda worried that it might be because of that, but I thought it would have taken effect quicker than almost 24 hours later.

Pauline had gotten the number of a vet from a guy she works with whose Father-in-law was a vet. We promptly called that and talked to them about it. They thought it might be some ham that I had fed him or the mouse poison and that I should bring him in.

Once we got there the vet started checking him out and quickly decided that it wasn’t mouse poison. While he was checking on him Pico passed what I can only describe as a close to foot long tape worm. It was unbelievable. The vet gave him some tapeworm medicine and decided to take him home with him since he seemed rather dehydrated and to make sure that he got some glucose into his bloodstream.

While he was at the vets house Pico had another bowel movement, which the vet described as “almost entirely tape worms”. According to her there was enough that she believed his intestinal tract was full of tapeworms. According to her the only way there could be that many is if he had somehow eaten a flea that had tapeworm eggs in it while nursing or something. That was something of a relief since it meant that I had not messed up. Especially since his records show that he had been “wormed” twice before I got him.

He spent the rest of the day recovering under the eye of the vet and I picked him up last night. The only bad part of the deal yesterday is that I was in a hurry to pick him up because they closed and I had to cut a conversation with off short. It sucks because he is off to Korea for about 3 weeks and I won’t be able to talk with him until he gets back. Sorry about that .

Well that isn’t entirely true. Their is one other bad thing. It cost $172 dollars. That kinda sucks, but at least the dog feels better now and has been checked out by a vet.

He is doing really well and was up playing and stuff last night. I think he is still a little sore from the various things that happened, but all in all I think he is feeling much better.

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