My thoughts from a few entries ago rang true today. Shane (who I am really starting to think is a pretty cool guy, despite is quiet nature [man is that odd for someone _I_ would consider a friend or WHAT?]) turned me loose with little intervention to finish up the supervisor image for the machines. I pushed it out this morning and all seemed well. Only minor problems and small issues with printers not being setup and such. The only thing that was annoying to me was that I found myself calling Shane a lot, partially because I am unsure the way they do things, but a few of the times I walked away from the conversation saying “That was worthless I could have (or did) figure that out without any of his help, why did I call him?” I am going to attempt to try to curb this before it really does become stupid and only call him for things that are out of my control. I also find myself trying to do as much stuff as possible to show Shane that I am good at it and to get the people there to realize that I know what I am doing. I started the week a little worried that I would falter with Jeremiah on vacation, but I am finding that it is a good thing, because without him gone everyone would have continued to talk to him and not me for their problems. It is also making me work to solve the problems quicker because I know that I am the only line of defense.

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