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BootRip is a script designed by me to take the hassle out of Linux installs.  It is designed to help setup LILO on the Master Boot Record of the hard drive (often called the MBR).  I have tried to develop it to work on several different platforms.  Currently it is able to search out compiled kernels under a Linux install as well as search out windows partitions and try to set them up.  This allows non-technical users to setup dual-boot machines with little effort.  I am currently working on a developmental release, which will download and compile a new kernel for you as well.


I started this when the current release of Redhat was titled Guinness (release 7.0).  It did not install LILO to the boot partition of the hard drive during a network install.  I had to run several of these installs for the CS lab where WKU-Linux resides and I got tired of working through the same 10 steps to get it installed on the machine correctly.  This script does it for you with a minimum of effort on the operator’s part.


The main things you will need to run the script are the following:

That is just about it.  To accomplish the process all you do is boot into Linux with the boot disk and run BootRIp.  Answer the few questions that it asks you and you are done.  Remove the disk and reboot the machine and you should be booting off of the hard drive instead of the floppy disk.


Currently the script only works (as in has been tested with) Linux and Windows, but I hope to generalize it even more so as to accept several operating systems and several different Linux versions not only separate but at the same time.

To get the script right click here and select save as.

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