Rogue Tech 1: Out

Last Friday Jeremiah left AFNI for good. When he left he sent out a mail message to a large group of people talking about the things that he thought AFNI had problems with and that he thought should be corrected. Apparently this has caused a major stir amongst the top “Brass” and as such a investigation has been started.

In that time they have locked his account out. That is to be expected, but since, in the infinite wisdom of my supervisor, we use his account to register machines on the domain I cannot ghost new machines. They have also read his email messages. Therefore everyone that has replied to his message about AFNI will be known. They have also listened to his voice mail. Therefore everyone that thought they were secret by not sending email is known as well. I’m sure that if I actually had his machine on they would be scanning the hard drive on it too.

So what does that mean? Well it means they have a list of all the people that bothered to comment on Jeremiah’s ideas, whither it is good or bad. The interesting thing will be if AFNI uses this for good or . Knowing AFNI I bet they use it for evil.

Well since I have started jotting this down I have found out that two techs in Northwest Tucson have been fired for agreeing with Jeremiah and for sending a comedic email about the incident. I have also found out that my boss has started reading other peoples mail, besides Jeremiah and even going so far as to recover email that they have deleted. I guess my assumption about using it for evil was correct.

To read a text version of Jeremiah’s email click here

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