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Hey we got a car 2

P and I purchased a new car yesterday.  We got a Chevy Traverse from Havey Ellis Chevy  in Columbia.  They did a great job of getting the car for us and also for working around a problem with my GM … Continue reading

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Julie pictures from the Ice Storm

We had a pretty bad ice storm here a few weeks ago.  It didn’t really hurt us much in our part of the county, but in the northern part of the county it caused a lot of damage.  It ended … Continue reading

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Julie’s 2nd Winter

It has been a bit since I posted pictures of Julie so I thought I would link these up here.  Most of these are just random pictures of her. These two are just her playing with a pair of glasses … Continue reading

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Julie driving the 56

A couple weekends agao we got some good pictures of Julie at the farm and with the 56.  I thought I would post them up here. I think the last one is great.  It should be entered into a contest … Continue reading

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Teleyapper Web Script

i have been setting up the Teleyapper Nerdvittles Script at work on our Asterisk server and was really surprised that there was no web interface for putting entries into it.  Since they recommended using phpadmin to enter numbers and I … Continue reading

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More on the house

More talking about our house payments and also about a housing project that is going to be coming up near our house.  Don’t jump unless that is what you are interested in.

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JVC GR-DV500U USB Driver

I thought I had already put this up here, but a search didn’t show it.  If you need the USB drivers for it here is a set. jvc_gr-dv500u_xp

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Dog Days of Summer?

I guess I will attribute the lack of posting here to that.  Things have pretty much just been static around here.  Julie is getting bigger, smarter, more active, but there haven’t been any crazy changes.  She says a few single … Continue reading

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Julie’s First Birthday

Julie had her first birthday last Friday and her first birthday party on Sunday.  Things went really well after a minor error on when everyone was supposed to be at the house.  I think Julie had a good time with … Continue reading

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Laura and Ethan Zuhl’s Wedding

A couple of weeks ago Pauline and I headed down to Nashville for Laura and Ethan’s wedding.  Ethan had ask me to be a groomsman so we got there for the rehersal and dinner afterwards. It was great to be … Continue reading

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